Gothic Home Decor
Hot Kroon by Piet Boon black gothic chandelier

“The ruins of gothic buildings gave rise to multiple linked emotions by representing the inevitable decay and collapse of human creations”. -Wikipedia

When I think of Gothic decor I think of mystic, regal and romantic atmospheres with rich warm colours, the scent of incense and burning candles and wonderful rich draperies. In fact, that sort of decribes my home decor as I have gone for a Victorian look with rich warm colours and beautiful antiques. But there are many different styles of Goth decor. The only consistencies are the influences from bygone eras where furniture of quality was hand crafted, not cheap and mass manufactured. There are no specific colour rules to Gothic interior design. One could even go so far as to have an Ice Queen white monochrome look. In this page I have broken Gothic Interior design down into three categories and have provided links to online stores and places of inspiration.

Old World Decor

Old World Decor

Medieval, Georgian, Victorian, Baroque and Edwardian inspired decor.

Steampunk Decor

Steampunk Decor

A style that blends futuristic with old world and often incorporates an explorer or nautical theme.

Gothic Glam

Gothic Glam Decor

Goth meets Punk, Rock and Roll and pop culture. Sparkle & Decay. A dash of bratty Brit Punk star attitude. Bright loud colours contrasting against the gritty, worn and faded. Metallics, graffiti and even a bit of Bohemian, Grunge or a spooky New Orleans flavour. This style sometimes incorporates faux furs and leather.

Goth wallpaper

Gothic wallpaper
Places of Inspiration

Castles, Estates and Mansions Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
Gothic Hotels Gothic Hotels
Ice Palaces for Snow Queens Ice Palaces

Inspirational period decor videos: